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Kyuhyun’s problems

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literally the most perfect person alive

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it’s funny ‘cause it goes both ways, omg

it’s funny ‘cause it goes both ways, omg

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I’d just like to say thank you to Tumblr for always having gay porn randomly show up on my dash at the most inappropriate of times.

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hi this is admin iseul from fyeah suju macros and i just wanted to say i don't know if you just found that ryeowook macro or if you made it but i am thoroughly enjoying it so thank you for submitting it xDD mumfordandhyungs

Haha, thank you so much- I made it myself and I’m so glad people liked it! (I wasn’t sure if it was funny or if my sense of humour was just getting stupider)

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oh god

oh god

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disclaimer: sporadic tumblr entry is sporadic (and oddly not reblogged from somewhere else), but I think it’s got some pretty worthwhile content in it. I thought the post was appropriate because it’s already Thanksgiving, and lots of us tend to take what we have for granted

  Here goes: I’m currently involved in a fundraiser for an organisation called LiNK, and every dollar I raise goes towards the effort to help North Korean refugees escape from China (they’re treated as illegal immigrants and sent back to North Korea, where in turn they’re sent to political prison camps and either tortured or killed). There are more North Korean refugees in hiding than the Chinese government cares to acknowledge, and they’re very often exploited since they can’t seek help from authority figures. Just to get an idea, well over half of the female refugees that manage to escape from North Korea end up working in the sex industry in order to survive. I’ve posted the address to my LiNK webpage where you can choose to donate- even the smallest donation helps, and it really means a lot to both me and the people you’ll be helping. The video shows two rescued refugees talking about their journey- it’s obvious how grateful they are for the help they’ve received, and it’s incredibly touching.

TheHundred - Week 7 Update (by linkglobal)

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When my mom comes up to me when I’m on the computer…


Mom: “So what are you looking at?…”

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Stop hating on Ryeowook; the segment was fucking hilarious and it wasn’t done maliciously. The boy is a complete sweetheart and everyone- including Eunhyuk- knows that he was joking. Everyone who made him feel the need to apologise should feel ashamed.


kang ho dong: do you sometimes compare appearances? are you conscious of such a thing?
leeteuk: we do it ourselves, but other than siwon, it’s all a bit shifty under him so …
kang ho dong: you don’t compare with him?
leeteuk: we’re not able to compare ourselves to him.
siwon: why are you like this (aegyo)
kang ho dong: so in terms of appearances, is it siwon and then everybody else?
leeteuk: yes. it’s siwon and co.
shindong: truthfully, it’s not 1st 2nd 3rd that’s important. last place is important.
kyuhyun: to be honest, there was a time when we voted for last place within our group. 
kang ho dong: so personally …
kyuhyun: if you get ignore charisma, completely ignore of charisma, and only consider appearances … personally, there is one here who has extremely fair hair … (eunhyuk)
kang ho dong: ryeowook, you too, when only looking at the face …
ryeowook: me … i’m envious of eunhyuk hyung. i’m envious of everything about him … except the face.
kang ho dong: so truthfully, do you consider eunhyuk to be ugly? 
ryeowook: (wide eyed,nods) yes.
eunhyuk: i’ve never thought that i was good looking but … i don’t think he is in a position to …
ryeowook: actually, the company, for this concept, covered all his eyes. on purpose.
kang ho dong: why did they cover everything?
ryeowook: the company also knew.
eunhyuk: ryeowook always compares himself to me all the time to people but, i was so embarrassed because …
ryeowook: our parents feel sorry for us.
eunhyuk: (stands up) you be quiet
kang ho dong: why do your parents feel sorry for you?
ryeowook: my parents have very objective eyes. ‘even though you’re my son, siwon is the best looking. but you’re better looking than eunhyuk.’
someone: heechul, you say it. who’s the ugliest?
heechul: but a person, there’s something about the brain because … i actually used to think eunhyuk looked really okay. i’d always said his hair was cool, but … even his clothes … 
someone: he looks like an actor from overseas.
kang ho dong: if you look carefully, [eunhyuk]’s face is a bit complicated. no really, due to his charisma, i wondered ‘why have i never thought he was ugly’. 
leeteuk: our many viewers right now … via twitter … we’ve asked whether eunhyuk is better looking or ryeowook is better looking. we’ll receive the results and make a final decision today.
eunhyuk: to be exact, i’m better looking than ho dong hyung.
kang ho dong: the fact that a korean idol star is comparing himself to me means he’s lost.
kang ho dong: when you look at them, who’s better looking: eunhyuk or kang ho dong.
siwon: i think ho dong hyung is better looking. 
kang ho dong: i will ask for the final time, do you still think you’re better looking than me? 
eunhyuk: hyung, you’re just … a mass.


leeteuk: a conclusion is being made. apparently ryeowook is good looking as an oppa, and eunhyuk a good looking anchovy. 

full translation done by stanningotps    

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